New Horses at Canadensis!

We have some new horses coming to Camp Canadensis this summer, and although they won’t need to be fed and groomed like our real camp horses that live at camp, these guys will definitely be fun to ride!  It’s sort of like an individual inflatable “bouncy castle”, and we are going to come up with SO many games and ways to use them this summer…it’s going to be so much fun!!

If you also want to do the “traditional” horseback riding at camp this summer, don’t worry, we will still have 5 horses living at Canadensis this summer, and they can’t wait to start taking the kids on trail rides.  Horseback Riding is one of those amazing activities that you can’t really try in your backyard, so it’s great when you can test it out at camp!  Check out this amazing photo of Dana, an Upper Inter Girl doing jumps at camp last summer!

If you want more information about horseback riding lesson, contact our office at 484-674-1941.