“I Made This Monday”: Chalkboard Tray

This was a super easy project!  And, now that I’ve bought a quart of chalkboard paint and have a lot left over, I plan to use it on a lot of random items!


1.  Chalkboard paint from Home Depot – it’s already on the shelves mixed.  My quart was less than $15.

2.  Paint Brush – I prefer the foam brushes, they are less messy!

3.  Something to turn into a chalkboard – I used a baking tray that was old with stuck on grease, and just wasn’t something I wanted to use for baking anymore.  Some other ideas are a…picture frame, vase or wall!

To Make It:

1. Get your parents permission!

2.  Cover your workspace so you don’t drip on the floor.  For indoor projects during the winter, I use an old flat sheet.

3.  Paint the area that you want to be able to chalk up in the future.  The paint goes on very thin, so do 3 or 4 coats.  Give each coat 5 minutes to dry before painting the next one.

4.  Let it dry overnight, and in the morning, start writing messages with chalk!  It will wipe off easily with a damp paper towel.

As shown above, I’ve used my tray to serve sushi!  This was right before the last Giants game – so excited that they made it to the Super Bowl!  It’s going to be an exciting game on Sunday!

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