Carly in 2011 and 2004 - She's a camp lifer!

Carly Fleischer
Hobbies when you’re at home: Soccer, Track & Field, Pole Vaulting, Gymnastics, Playing French Horn, Robotics, Photography, Hanging out with friends

Years at Camp: 8 going on 9

One fun fact about you: I love photography and took over 3,000 pictures last summer! This summer I will be helping out the Media Team so look for me around camp with my camera in hand! 🙂

Favorite Camp Activity: Soccer!

Favorite Camp Memory: Every single one of the 40 days of Color War I’ve experienced in my life.

Best Advice for a First Time Camper: Enjoy and cherish each and every second of camp, this will become your favorite place in the entire world.

What you’re most excited to do this summer: Leading Color War as a CIT!

One thing you’ve never done at camp that you’re going to do this summer: Become a positive influence and role model for younger campers.

If you could plan your own perfect camp day, what would it look like: Late wake up, bagels for breakfast, and hanging out on the amphitheater or by the lake with my best friends in the world!