“I Made This” Monday: Wedding Crafts

Now, for many of you campers out there, you may not have ever attended a wedding (I went to my first one at age 24!) but it’s a really fun celebration.  It has some similiaries to a Bar or Bat Mitzvah, but it’s for two people who are in love.  It’s a really great time to get creative and crafty, and make something either as a gift or as something that might be helpful to the celebration.

Wedding Craft #1: (pictured above) is from Robin & Eric Forti’s wedding at Camp Canadensis in 2010.  It was a really fun celebration and many people decided to stay at camp, but some guests stayed at a big hotel down the road.  The couple provided bus transportation for the guests who weren’t at camp, but they wanted to have a sign on the bus so everyone knew it was for the wedding.  Eric’s mom and I had a great time painting the banner you see above.  Eric’s mom does great bubble letters, and we had fun picking out paint colors.  We put a lace border on the banner, and we used A LOT of tape to attach it to the bus because we didn’t want it to fly off while driving down the road!

Wedding Craft #2: From time to time, guests are asked to make a scrapbook page that is presented before the wedding at a bridal shower, and when the pages of all the guests come together, the bride & groom have a great book full of pictures and memories.   I definitely do not consider myself a great scrapbooker, but I like the way this page turned out for my cousin Mandy and her husband Phil.  Mandy and I grew up at camp together, but unfortunately I couldn’t find a good photo from those days…however, I did have some great pictures from our family reunion at camp, so you can see them playing softball and working in the camp woodshop in the top right corner.

Wedding Craft #3: Whenever I’ve been asked to be in a bridal party (it’s one of my favorite things to do for my close friends!) I’ve always asked if I can help with any of the “crafty” things leading up to the wedding.  I’ve made the baskets of “necessities” that go in the bathrooms during the event, I’ve made the bags that guests get when they check into their hotel, I’ve done table numbers and place cards, and even helped with programs.  But my all time favorite craft to make is a “bridal hoodie” – something the bride can wear on the morning of their wedding as they get prepped and gorgeous for the big event.  Below is my friend Julie, who married her husband Josh…hence the “J+J” on the front with their wedding date.

On the back, I put a mixture of their two last names (because she kept her maiden name) and most importantly, I attached a “bridal veil” into the hood!  No one could mistake that she was the bride, and she got all the special pampering a bride deserves.  It was easy to cut the veil out when it was time to wash the hoodie, and I know she enjoyed wearing it throughout the honeymoon…

I hope you enjoyed seeing these crafts – I have a bunch more, so maybe I’ll do a part two in the future.  Looking at my tan in the photo above make me excited for the warm summer days we’ll all get to enjoy at Camp Canadensis soon!

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