Winter Meeting This Weekend!

The winter meeting for our camp leadership staff doesn’t officially start until tomorrow morning, and we are really excited to have our Canadensis team together so we can start moving forward on ideas for summer 2012!

One of the best parts of the winter meeting is that we get to see some of our favorite camp friends, and I have just returned from the airport where I was picking up Moira.  I get to work with Moira in the Programming Office during the summer, and she is one of my favorite people of all time!  She is the hardest working woman that I know, and she is so great at putting together the camper/staff schedules during the summer…and she’s also a lot of fun!! We are going to start working on some of our new programs today, so get ready for an amazing summer ahead!

Whenever we are together, we discover a bunch of things we have in common…we just realized on the ride here that we both took vacations in Pittsburgh this year, we both make wishes at 11:11, and we both just signed up for long runs in May!!  I’ll be doing the 10-mile Broad Street Run, and she’s going to do the Buffalo Half Marathon!  I have a feeling that her time for 13.2 miles might be better than my 10 mile race, because while we have a ton in common, Moira is definitely a sporty girl, and I usually stick to Arts & Crafts!

I’m sure there will be a lot of Twitter updates from the Winter Meeting this weekend, so consider checking it out!