CIT Dani is 3rd from the right, with her 2011 bunk 🙂

Dani Schapiro

Hobbies when you’re at home: I dance on the poms squad at my school. It’s a team that performs at half time during football season, basketball season and compete in competitions against other schools in the division. Its similar to kick line in New York.

Years at Camp: 8 going on 9!

One fun fact about you: I have the craziest obsession with camp.

Favorite Camp Activity: Cooking

Favorite Camp Memory: Being with my bunk mates, laughing everyday.

Best Advice for a First Time Camper: Do not take one moment at camp for granted. It will end up meaning the world to you.

What you’re most excited to do this summer: Finally being that CIT that I always looked up to.

One thing you’ve never done at camp that you’re going to do this summer: Water ski

If you could plan your own perfect camp day, what would it look like: Have late wake up, bunk bonding and then going to a dance.