January Mega Blog!

Hello Canadensis…

How’s everyone doing out there?!?!  Things here at camp are just great!  Because I haven’t had time to write since the reunion, I wanted to say thank you to everyone that was able to make our annual event such an amazing time!  When we counted all those in attendance, our numbers hit more than 300 campers, counselors and staff.  This was a remarkable turnout!  Special thanks to Assistant Director Pam Levi for working so hard in what was a last minute switch in location.  The new place turned out to be awesome and complete with games and rides for everyone to enjoy!  Also, special thanks to all of the counselors and staff that attended, too.  You make these events extra special for the campers.  If you haven’t checked out pics yet, be sure to do so in the Media Room on the website or on our Facebook page.  Here are some pics that L-Mac and J.Cal got of me while having fun at the 2011 Summer Reunion…

Me with counselors Sammy Goldberg and Morgan Hirschhorn.

Me with 2012 Upper Inter Boy Jake Garcia, who apparently won a boatload of prize tickets playing games.

Me with 2012 Junior Boy Devin Lefkowitz. Perhaps Devin and I were predicted the future with what we were wearing at the Reunion?

Me with Camp Mom Steph Vorcheimer.

A very cool new tradition was started at the Reunion on January 8th.  Taking a page from the idea of Flat Stanley, we have created the Flat Indian Head.  Between now and the beginning of the summer, we want to see all of the campers that get to take a picture with the Flat Indian Head.  When done, we can track its winter path and make a collage of everyone that got involved.  At the reunion, the first person to take on the Flat Indian Head challenge was 2012 Junior Girl Jordan Plant, who will be returning to camp for her second summer.  She has to take a picture of the Flat Indian Head and then send it onto someone else to do the same.  Where will the Flat Indian Head end up before June 23?!?!

Camper Jordan Plant takes a picture with the Flat Indian Head.

I thought this was a very funny e-mail I received last week.  Former Group Leader Marshall Weinstein, now a teacher in Washington state, starts his day at school the same way we do at morning line-up at camp.  He always begins with a hearty, “Good Morning!” to his class and follows  it with the day’s announcements.  Apparently, his school also runs a schedule similar to our 6-Day Schedule at camp.  Last week, Marshall had a substitute teaching his class for the day.  He left his notes on how to start the day.  I figured I’d share them with you.  By the way, Marshall, after a summer away from Canadensis, will be back in 2012.

Marshall Weinstein's class notes looks like how we begin our Morning Line-up at camp!

Since my last blog, I have had a slew of home visits, getting the opportunity to hang out with both new and returning Canadensis campers…

In Syosset, NY, I met up with the Borrok Brothers, Ben, who is back for a fourth summer, and Ethan, who will be starting his first year at Canadensis.  Ben, now in 6th grade and part of our Freshman division in 2012, has been busy with all kinds of sports.  He plays both center and defense on his travel soccer team.  He just recently finished up his flag football season, where he was on the Jets.  Now, he is in the Syosset Basketball League.  On top of that, he is also playing tennis.  Ben also performs in the all county chorus and recently sang in front of NYSMA judges.  This summer, he is excited for the new pool, rock band, his trip to Cooperstown and living on Freshman Hill.  He also wanted to give a shout out to his boys from Summer 2011’s Bunk 12.  Ethan, who is in the 3rd grade and will be in the Junior division, also just recently finished up his flag football season, but he played on the Giants.  He is also currently playing in the Syosset Basketball League.  Ethan, too, is also playing tennis and takes lessons with fellow Canadensis camper, Jordyn Weinstein.  Ethan plays drums at the Long Island Drum School.  He is involved in the drama club and will soon be peforming as Bert Healy in the show “Annie.”  In the summer, he can’t wait for all of the lake activities like the water trampoline, rocketry, cooking and go karts.  Here is a photo…

Me with Freshman Boy Ben Borrok (left) and Junior Boy Ethan Borrok.

In Livingston, NJ, I got to meet first time Canadensis camper and current fourth grader Samara Rhodes.  Samara is very involved in gymnastics and currently competes on a team called “Go For The Gold.”  She competes in numerous meets in the tri-state area and recently qualified for the state competition in February.  She plays on a softball team in the Livingston Rec Program.  She likes to cook and bake and has even been known to make pancakes for her entire family, complete with chocolate chips and M&M’s, too!  Samara also told me that she likes to read, listen to music and do arts and crafts.  She even showed me some awesome mosaic and glass projects she did.  When she gets to camp this summer as part of our Lower Inter Girls division, she is looking forward to making new friends, trying the activities at the lake, including the Summit and waterskiing, the gymnastics team and cooking.  Here is a photo…

Me with Lower Inter Girl Samara Rhodes.

In Newtown, PA, Pam and I hung out with Brandon and Brittney Coe, both who are coming to Canadensis for their first summer in 2012 as part of our Junior division.  Brandon, in 3rd grade, likes going bowling and takes karate lessons.  He also loves to play video games.  When he gets to camp this year, he said he will definitely be someone that is in the GaGa pit, going down the water slides at the pool and the Summit at the lake and going fishing.  He also said that during Color War, he will be one of those campers intently hunting for the hidden Indian Head.  As for Brittney, currently in 2nd grade, she plays forward and goalie on her soccer team, takes tennis lessons and goes to gymnastics classes.  She also wanted to mention that her favorite color is gold, which is perfect for Camp Canadensis!  This summer, she is eager to try fishing and roasting s’mores.  She, too, said she will be looking for the Indian Head come Color War time.  Here is a picture…

Me and Pam with Junior Girl Brittney Coe (left), Future Canadensis Camper Chloe Coe (middle) and Junior Boy Brandon Coe (right).

In Newtown, PA, I also saw Cole and Alex Newman.  Alex is returning for her 4th summer as a Lower Senior and is excited to be joined by her brother Cole, now in 3rd grade and part of our Junior division.  Alex is busy with her hip hop dance classes, which she is rehearsing for a performance in June while also taking tennis lessons.  In the spring, she will start softball season and will even be trying out for her middle school team.  With all of this, she still has time to prep for her upcoming Bat Mitzvah.  This summer, she can’t wait to be a senior!  She wanted to give a shout out to her camp sisters of Girls Bunk 12 from last year.  She says that they should all play the “Shots” song tonight!  As for brother Cole, who will be coming to camp for his first summer, he is a big time soccer player, playing center forward in both indoor and outdoor soccer, for his Under 9 CRUSA Thunder team.  He also plays in basketball and flag football leagues.  Very soon, he will also be starting lacrosse.  When at home, he loves playing XBox Live and hanging out with friends.  When he gets to camp, he will be happy to try waterskiing, the triple dare and soccer.  He is also excited for Color War and making a whole new bunch of friends.  Here is a photo…

Me with Lower Senior Girl Alex Newman and Junior Boy Cole Newman.

We have some really exciting news to share with our Maryland and Virginia families.  We will now have a camp pick up and drop off location in Maryland!  The new location is still yet to be finalized.  However, it is most likely going to be in the North Potomac area.  We know that this will make all of our families from that area very happy!

I certainly couldn’t let a blog post go by without mentioning just how well the New York Football Giants are playing!  Wow!  Who would have thought it a few weeks ago when the Big Blue was playing in Dallas and down by 12 points with five minutes remaining in the game.  At that point, it looked like our season was over.  Goes to show you that you never give up and play the game until the end.  That win propelled the Giants with wins over the Jets, Dallas (again), the Falcons and amazingly, a 15-1 Green Bay Packers team, too!  One more win and the Giants will be visiting their fifth Super Bowl in team history.  I even got an e-mail from Mike Lindquist, a big 49ers fan, on Monday, with the subject, “Bring It!”  As much as I love ya, Mike, let’s Go Big Blue!  And, for all those Eagles and Jets fans that give me so much grief for being a Giants fan, you can be sure to get a taste of your own medicine this summer!  Seriously, though, was that a great game versus the Packers last Sunday or what?!?!

Well…that’s all the blogging for now.  I will be back next week with more!

Until then…Have a great day!