It’s a small Canadensis world after all…

Cousins Blog

It’s been a busy time here in the Canadensis office and I’ll tell you about that a little bit later…but after I returned home from a week away, I got to see some of my favorite female cousins for a 40th birthday celebration in NYC!  We all look SO young, I’m sure you can’t even tell who was celebrating the milestone, but it was great to spend some quality time together!  My family can’t wait for the next Family Reunion at Camp Canadensis…it’s coming in August 2015, and I’m glad they are as excited as me!

During those few hours in NYC, I realized what a small Canadensis world it is after all!!!  At the luncheon, I got to meet the aunt of our Arizona campers Dylan & Jaden!  I hope she’ll be coming to to see her niece and nephew on Visiting Day this year!!  I also met a very close friend of several of our Merrick families, and we took a “selfie” to send to the Sigals, Geffners and Michals families!  And then, the strangest coincidence of all…as I was making my way back home to Philly, I was stuck in some serious traffic.  I noticed some kids having fun on the back of the school bus in front of me, and then…


…when I looked a little bit closer, I spotted Josh, a Canadensis camper!!  He’ll be at camp for his 4th summer this year, and he’s moving over to the Senior Boys side of camp!  You can sorta make him out in the right window.  But, here is is looking dapper on photo day last year:JoshEric had his own Canadensis run-in this week too!

Eric Noah

Eric and Robin were heading to London to hire staff at the Camp America fair, and they bumped into a Canadensis family in the airport that was also traveling on the same plane!  In the photo above, you can see Noah, he’ll be coming to camp for his 2nd summer and will be an Upper Junior Boy.  What a coincidence!


Not only have we been traveling internationally, but we’ve been all over the map looking for fantastic new staff members to bring to camp in 2014!  I just returned from a week in the Baltimore, Maryland area.  I met staff applicants at Towson, Goucher, MICA, UMBC and Stevenson.  I also got to catch up with Hannah Race – a Senior at Towson University and former camper and counselor, her parents are both Canadensis alumni and met at camp (I love stories like that)!!  When she graduates this spring, she’ll be heading home to Cherry Hill and begin studying for the LSAT before applying to Law Schools – it’ll be great to have her back in the Philly area!MD

I met a lot of great staff applicants on the road!  Cara is excited about the staff she met in Western PA, and Brian met tons of students in the Upstate NY area!  Now I’m getting ready for a few weeks of home visits, so keep coming back to the blog to meet some of our awesome new campers!