Alexa and Carly can't wait to be CITs!!!

Alexa and Carly can’t wait to be CITs!!!

 Carly Daniel is from Holland, Pennsylvania and will be returning for her 8th summer at Canadensis! When she’s at home, Carly enjoys hanging out with her friends and family, eating, and playing tennis. Carly isn’t certain what her ‘dream job’ may be, but she knows that it will involve helping others. Carly’s favorite camp memories include the Senior Canteen raves and the surprise visit from the Gozen Yogurt truck… her camp friends’ memories of Carly probably include her belting out a tune during shower hour – Carly is a magnificent shower singer!   Being a Canadensis camper has taught Carly how to make life long friendships, and that no matter what happens, she will always have her camp friends. Carly wants all of our new campers to remember to always be open minded and try new activities – and just be yourself; you will learn quickly that camp friends are your best friends. The last time she went to Disney World, Carly was in 5th grade, so she is excited to return this summer on her CIT trip. She never leaves for camp without her bear, and is hoping to add “Being Hypnotized by Brad Henderson” to her list of  camp memories she’ll take with her in August, after having the best summer of her life with her camp sisters!