Look Who’s New for Summer 2017!

Today marks 200 days until camp!!  Can’t believe how quickly the countdown is going…we are busy meeting the new campers and reinterviewing the returning staff members – it’s shaping up to be the best summer ever at Canadensis!!  Last week I had two great days in New York visiting some of our new campers, and I can’t wait to introduce you to them!  Read all about these future Canadensis All-Stars in the blog below!


Meet Sidney!  She lives in Roslyn, NY and is a current 3rd grader who will be a new Upper Junior Girl at camp this summer.  She sometimes goes by the nickname “Sid” or “Sidney Beaners”. We had a lot of fun hanging out right before a tennis lesson – and she’s getting ready for camp!  She’s actually celebrating her birthday on the first day of camp – cannot think of a better birthday gift! Here’s what you need to know about this smart, artistic and sweet new camper: After school she likes to have a snack and relax watching TV and this summer she’s thinking about taking fishing and lots of art electives.  Her favorite foods are pasta, pizza and bagels and she loves the color blue.  Her favorite animal is a penguin (I agree…they make me smile!!)  Her favorite TV show is “Labrats”, she rocks out to all different kinds of music.   Her favorite movie is “Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good Very Bad Day”.  She really enjoys tennis and art…and ice cream and candy corn! She’s also a great big sister to her younger brother Kameron, and her favorite book is “Captain Underpants”!


Meet Bianca!  She lives in Woodbury, NY and is a current 2nd grader who will be a new Lower Junior Girl at camp this summer.  She’ll have a summer birthday this July, and can’t wait to celebrate with her new camp friends!  She very often goes by the nickname “B”. The day I had come over she went to school with her Canadensis headband on – love that camp spirit!  She attended the Tour & More Weekend in summer 2015 and 2016, so she knows a lot about camp and is totally ready for 7-weeks of summer fun! Here’s what you need to know about this funny, kind and smart new camper: After school she does a lot of activities, but her absolute favorite is dance class!  This summer she’s planning to take dance, art and rock climbing electives.  Her favorite foods are pasta and ice cream and she loves the color blue!  Her favorite TV show is “Fuller House”, and right now her favorite song is “Closer”.  She cheers for the Islanders and her favorite movie is “Mrs Doubtfire” (that’s a really good suggestion for an upcoming Drive In Movie this year!).  Her favorite book is “Back to School, Mallory” and she thinks we should have lollipops at the canteen!


Bianca has a younger brother and her older sister Sasha is returning to camp for her 3rd summer!  Sasha is currently in 4th grade and will be a Lower Inter Girl.  She’s in touch with her camp friends (and counselors!) all the time and she’s very dedicated to her dance classes during the winter.  Can’t wait to have both of these cuties back at camp soon!


Meet Jara!  She lives in Commack, NY and is a current 2nd grader who will be a new Lower Junior Girl at camp this summer.  She sometimes goes by the nickname “Ja”. We hung out on the day construction started for a pool in her backyard, when she gets home from camp she can host pool parties at her house!  Here’s what you need to know about this caring, colorful and funny new camper: After school she likes to build legos and bake (she’s able to bake independently, just needs adult help with the oven!) and this summer she’s thinking about taking dance and fishing electives.  Her favorite foods are mac & cheese, cake, muffins and cheese.  Her favorite color is rainbow…aka, all the colors!!   Her favorite animal is a puppy, she loves snacking on poptarts and watching the TV show “Jessie”!  In addition to dancing, she also acts in plays (she’ll be doing “Annie” this winter) and she’s been advancing very quickly with her karate skills!  She also loves to color, she’s currently reading the book “Angel Wings” and her favorite movie is “Teen Beach Movie”.


Jara is joining her big sister Julia at camp.  Julia is currently in 5th grade and will be an Upper Inter Girl spending her second summer at camp!  She wasn’t the only one in the family wearing Canadensis gear, their dad was representing with a Canadensis hat on the day I visited!  Julia made wonderful connections with her Bunk 7 friends, and just about everyone in camp knows about her talented singing voice.  She’s getting ready to play “Tessie” in the upcoming Annie production – break a leg!


Meet Dakota!  She lives in Merrick, NY and is a current 3rd grader who will be a new Upper Junior Girl at camp this summer.  She often goes by the nickname “Kota”. We hung out on a Friday after school and I was so impressed by how much she knows about camp!  She learned a lot from doing the Tour & More Weekend, but she also has been listening to a lot of stories about camp from her big brother!  Here’s what you need to know about this nice, shy and friendly new camper: After school she likes to play with her dog (see her in the picture below!).  She likes to do every activity under the sun, and is thinking about doing the batting cage, dance, lake boats, art shack and climbing wall electives.  Her favorite food is sushi and her favorite colors are pink, light blue and blue!!   Her favorite animal is a dog (and she found out she was getting one on the same day her brother got home from camp), and she likes watching the TV shows “Nicky, Ricky, Dicky and Dawn” and “Impractical Jokers”!  In addition to art, dance and softball hobbies, she likes to cheer for the Islanders, Mets and Jets. Her favorite song is “Cold Water” and she’ll be choosing Starburst candies when her bunk goes to the canteen!  Her favorite book is “Wayside School” and she loves the movies “Grownups” and “22 Jumpstreet”.


Her big brother Hunter is currently in 5th grade and will be an Upper Inter Boy this summer.  Hunter is totally addicted to camp…especially the Hockey and Hondas programs, he can’t get enough!  He’s been in touch with so many camp people since leaving in August, he made a lot of connections and it’s truly unbelievable how much he remembers from last summer.  Can’t wait to have them both at Canadensis this summer!


Meet Jack!  He lives in Merrick, NY and is a current 3rd grader who will be a new Upper Junior Boy at camp this summer (he’s actually in the same class with Dakota…considering our campers come from all over the map it’s surprising the two new campers get to hang out at their desks!).  He’s been reading my blog and he couldn’t wait to show me his lego collection to see how it stacks up – it’s very impressive and he’s made some large collections! Here’s what you need to know about this funny new camper: After school he likes to play video games (he considers himself a “gamer”!) and this summer he’s thinking about taking baseball, quads and tennis electives.  His favorite food is chicken wings (he was very excited to hear about our “finger food” night!).  His favorite color is green, and his favorite animal is a giraffe!  His likes watching the TV show “Teen Titans”, and his favorite song at the moment is “Heathens”. He cheers for the New York Yankees, loves snacking on Charleston Chew candy bars and reading the book “Wild Robot”.


Jack is a big brother, his little sister Emma won’t be joining him at camp for a few years…but one day soon, everyone at Canadensis will know her name!