Meet the Staff: CAILA COHEN

Captain Caila applies gold face-paint to one of her campers...

Caila Cohen

Melville, NY

Years at Camp: This will be my 9th summer

Position this Summer: General Counselor

Previous Positions: CIT (Color War Captain of Gold Arcade in 2011)

Favorite Camp Memory: My favorite camp memory would have to be when the CITs and I went out in a huge rainstorm and just danced. It was still warm out but since the rain was heavy we got soaked in less than a minute. We just went around the senior girls tennis courts, laughing and running. Then, we all went inside and dried off and had a great BUNKO day. This was amazing and was something we never had a chance to do until this past summer.

Advice for first year staff: Though I have never been a counselor before, I have learned from my camper experiences that it really means a lot to the kids when the staff member is there for them, for both support and for a good time. Yes, a counselor has a job to make sure that the kids follow the rules and have a safe camp experience, but it is also very important to make sure that the campers’ summers are the best and have endless opportunities to have fun and create memories.

One thing you’re going to do this summer that you’ve never done before: This summer, I am going to go on the triple dare which I have not been on in quite a few years. I’m sure that I will have a chance to go on with my campers or even my friends too.

Advice for a first time camper: My advice for a first time camper is to live every moment to its fullest. Camp is a privilege and though it seems like 7 weeks are a long time, it goes by in rapid speed. The memories you create, the experiences you have, and the friendships you make are like no other and they should be treasured.