“My Friend Made This!”: Monday

I have a few crafty friends, but Sara takes the cake!  She is constantly inspiring me with her crochet creations, and she knows her way around an art supply store, as you will see in this blog entry!  She recently threw a birthday party for her amazing son Sammy (you might remember from a prior blog when he met Double Dare host Marc Summers!!), and I asked permission to show photos of how everything turned out.  She gets full credit for all the things you are about to see!

The theme was “Sam I Am”, based on the Dr. Seuss book (get it…her son’s name is Sam!).  Before you arrived, you already knew you were in store for a fun afternoon!

The day was all about celebrating Sam, and his first year!  Photos were on display in frames and on the walls (using a “clothes line” with tiny clothes pins).  Sara took a photo in the same place every month since Sam was born, so you could see how he changed month by month!

The color scheme of Orange and Green carried through every detail, even the food!

1. Sara’s husband Shawn displaying an awesome array of orange & green veggies

2. Orange and green cupcakes (with cupcake toppers that feature Sam’s face on the “Sam I Am” character)

3. A delicious and healthy rainbow fruit tray

4. Adorable “Green Eggs & Ham” made by using pretzel sticks, white chocolate and a green M&M…these were so perfect, and totally kosher!

Finally, every great party has great entertainment!

1. Guests could have their voices heard and cast a vote on which parent Sam looks most like!  I think he looks more like Sara, but you’ve seen both parents in this blog…what do you think?

2. There was also a “Sam I Am” book where guests could sign in and add a poem.  Sara is great with rhymes (this has come in handy when I’ve been a bridesmaid with her!).  Below is the sign that invited people to write something…guests got really into it!

But without a doubt, the best entertainment is an adorable kid, and Sammy’s got that covered!  He is also the happiest kid I know…so when you add a giant cupcake in the mix, you are going to get some memorable photos!

Thank you to Sara for letting me post these photos, and I hope they inspired some party planning ideas for you at home!