Meet the Staff: CARLI SUKONIK

Carli in the middle of a CIT 2009 hug by the lake!

Carli Sukonik (CJ)

Lehigh University studying Graphic Design; from Penn Valley, PA

Years at Camp: This will be my 9th summer

Position this Summer: General Counselor, with some lacrosse on the side 

Previous Positions: JC!!

Favorite Camp Memory: A memory that has stuck with me to this day was from my first summer at camp in 2003. I was 10 years old and went camping for my first time. Although nervous at first, I ended up really enjoying all the activities that were planned for my friends and me. The first activity I loved was the trust walk. All of us walked in a single file line with our eyes closed and our hand on the shoulder of the girl in front of us to help guide the way. The leader of the walk (who fortunately had their eyes open  ) guided us to an opening in the woods where we could see the stars perfectly and hear the water of a nearby waterfall rolling in a short distance away. I remember the next morning was even more exciting because we got to make blueberry pancakes with blueberries that we picked fresh off the bush on our morning walk. What a great way to start off an amazing camp experience at Canadensis!

Advice for first year staff: Being around kids on such a regular basis can be overwhelming at times, but you have to remember how special they make your summer, along with how special you make theirs. Make sure you develop great relationships with the campers; you are their role model and it is the best feeling in the world knowing how much respect a camper has for you and the impact you can make on their life.

One thing you’re going to do this summer that you’ve never done before: Even after being at camp for half of my life, and participating in and enjoying nearly every activity, I have still never tried to ride a Honda. For those of you who do not know, we refer to the small, motorized dirt bikes as Hondas at Canadensis. I definitely want to try them this summer!

Advice for a first time camper: Whenever you get homesick, simply take a step back and look at what you are surrounded by. Not only is there a beautiful camp around you that offers every activity under the sun, but there is also a close-knit family that is there to help you whenever you need. Believe me, I know it is a lot easier said than done, but try to appreciate how lucky you are to be a part of the incredible Canadensis family.