New Lower Camp Girls!


Meet Izzy!  She’s currently in 2nd grade and will be a Lower Junior Girl at camp this summer.  She lives in Scarsdale, NY.

-Her parents met at Michigan, and she’s got a lot of spirit…Go Big Blue!

-She loves to do gymnastics, and showed me some cartwheels during my visit.

-Izzy is not at all nervous to perform in front of a crowd!  She goes to Star Kids and has done performances in Wicked, Beauty and the Beast and much more.

-She’s also an athlete, and loves soccer, basketball and softball!

-She’s looking forward to the cooking program at camp because she loves all kids of food, especially baking dessert!  (And, she’s pretty excited for Canteen visits and had a lot of candy related questions!)

-She has two older cousins at Canadensis, and Jake and Sydney have been telling her all about the great stuff at Canadensis.  She’s pumped for cornman, and zumba and art and so much more!

-Izzy also likes to read and borrow books from friends, so if you have any good reads at camp, please let her know!




Meet Sasha!  She’s currently in 2nd grade and will be a Lower Junior Girl at camp this summer.  She lives in Woodbury, NY!

-Her teacher at school sends her daughters to Camp Canadensis, so she’s been hearing lots of insider tips all year…not to mention she has two cousins that are also Canadensis campers!!

-Her older cousin Bailey will be spending her 4th summer at camp, and has really helped her get prepared!

-Sasha has two younger siblings – a sister named Bianca and a brother named Damien.

-She takes jazz and tap class during the year, and also takes art classes!

-She really loves the arts, and will be picking artsy things for her electives, including glass fusion!

-She gave me a tour of her room, and I loved seeing her many softball and tennis trophies.  Her room was super neat, she’s definitely going to help her bunk win the honor bunk prizes!

-Sasha loves a lot of vegetables…but not cucumbers, and she doesn’t like fruit!  When we have our afternoon Fruit on the Fly snack everyday, she’ll be taking the pretzel rod option!



Maya T

Meet Maya!  She’s currently in 3rd grade, and will be an Upper Junior Girl at camp this summer.  She lives in New York, NY!

-Maya gave me a tour of her room which had a lot of zebra and cheetah prints, and her favorite colors which are magenta and turquoise, and we talked about all the activities she loves…including rollerblading and lip syncing.

-This was her first year at the Anderson school in NYC.

-She loves to read, and had finished most of the Harry Potter books.

-She has a summer birthday, and cannot wait to celebrate at camp!

-Maya likes to play sports, and is excited for tennis and basketball at camp.  Also waterskiing, gymnastics, glass fusion and cheerleading!

-She has been working on her bike riding skills, so she’ll be ready to hit the trails at Camp Canadensis!

-She plays piano, and is very musical.  We listened to some tunes on her water speakers, and talked about the shows she likes, including Wicked!

Maya T 2

Big sister Chloe is coming back to camp for her 2nd summer, and she will be an Upper Inter.  She has awesome stickers and posters around her room, including a bunch from camp!  She is super smart and has been seeing her camp friends as often as possible this summer.  She’s also looking forward to things like Staff MTV Night on the first night of camp, and basketball!




Julia S

Meet Julia!  She is currently in 3rd grade and will be an Upper Junior Girl this summer!  She lives in Gladwyne, PA.

-She is a big sister, and is so excited for her first summer at camp!

-Last year, she dressed up as an Angel for Halloween, and told me all her tricks to getting the good candy.  She absolutely loves chocolate!

-She showed me a bunch of trophies she got from all different kinds of sports, and soccer is her favorite.  She even plays soccer in the spring.

-A few times a week, she wakes up early for school to do clubs, like the math club, knitting club or yoga club!

-Julia has a huge room and it will be perfect for sleepovers with camp friends after the summer!

-We had tacos together, and she loves Mexican food (which we have a few times a week!)…but she doesn’t like any broccoli!

-She’s totally pumped to try waterskiing, and might want to be in the camp show too!



Meet Lily!  She’s currently in 4th grade and will be a Lower Inter Girl this summer.  She lives in Dix Hills, NY.

-She goes to gymnastics after school and can do all sorts of cool tricks, including a back handspring and on the trampoline she can do flips as well!

-She has older siblings who’ve been at camp for years, and on Visiting Days, you couldn’t get her out of the gymnastics room!

-This winter she played on a basketball team, and she learned a lot of skills and how to play legit games.  Her team was the “Magic”.

-Her favorite colors are turquoise and blue.

-Lily can be a little quiet at first, and then can be loud and crazy!

-She loves a lot of art stuff, and is excited to try glass fusion.  She also thinks ceramics sounds cool!

Lily 2

Both her siblings love Canadensis too…big brother Tyler was wearing his Canadensis “5 Year Jacket” when I was over!  Big sister Alexa is going to be getting her 5 year jacket this summer, and will be an Upper Senior!  They were both a huge help on the home visit, and filled Lily in on all the camp highlights!




Meet Julia!  She’s about to finish 3rd grade, and will be an Upper Junior at camp this summer.  She lives in New York, NY!

-Julia will love every single activity at camp…except maybe gymnastics.  She’s super fun and loves it all!

-She has gone skiing during the winter, and is excited to try waterskiing at camp this summer…and the zip line too!

-During the year, she plays soccer and can be put in every position.

-She loves all different kids of food, pretty much every item on our menu got the thumbs up!

-Julia likes to read, and her favorites are Diary of a Whimpy Kid and when I was over she was reading Flora and Ulysses.

-Her favorite sport to watch is football, her family is a season ticket holder for the Giants!  She is so spirited, I’m sure she gets super crazy at the games!

-She likes to watch cooking shows on TV.  For her birthday this year, she had a Gaga party, and got her mom out at the last minute…she’s a gaga champion!

-Julia love Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Lady Gaga…and bagels!



Maya H

Meet Maya!  She is currently in 3rd grade, and will be an Upper Junior this summer at camp.  She lives in Lafayette Hill, PA!

-Last year, Maya came up to camp for Tour & More Weekend, she had so much fun and is ready for the full summer!

-Her favorite TV show is “Every Witch Way”…I had never heard of it before, but must check it out before camp!

-She loves collecting things, and when she gave me a tour of her room, she showed me her marble and crystal collection.

-Maya loves amusement parks and waterslides.  And, she’s in the process of learning to play guitar.

-If she wakes up early at camp, she’s got a plan.  She is planning to write letters, and hopes to send 100 every week!

-She plays on a softball team, and he coach is awesome (it’s her dad!).  She plays on a soccer team in the fall.

-She really likes newcomb, photography, archery and gymnastics.

-Maya is great at drawing and doodling, and arts and crafts.  She had a lot of stuff in her house she’s made in ceramics.


Ella H

Meet Ella!  She is currently in 3rd grade and will be an Upper Junior Girl this summer.  She lives in West Orange, NJ!

-She’s in a Hip Hop dance class, and is doing a dance to the song “Bubblegum Boy”!  She had a dance party birthday party with all her friends this year, and they sang karoke!

-She loves One Direction and Taylor Swift.  Her favorite TV show is Liv & Maddie…especially because Liv is so fashionable.

-When I was visiting, her room was about to get a makeover, and she was so excited to have it painted purple and dark turquoise because those are some of her favorite colors.

-She loves puppies, and when she spent the night at camp last summer for Tour & More, she remembers when my dog Annie came to visit the bunk.

-Ella’s day camp went to the lake every Monday, so she’s done a lot of cool water activities.  When she was at Canadensis last summer, she fell off the banana boat, and can’t wait to get another try to hold on!

-For Halloween she dressed up as a “Pink Woman” this year.

-She’s ready for camp, and has tons of fun pillows for her bed and great posters to hang on the wall!


Dylan W

Meet Dylan!  She’s currently in 3rd grade, and will be an Upper Junior Girl at camp this summer!  She lives in New York, NY.

-Dylan goes to the Manhattan New School, and loves pickles…she told me about a new restaurant in NYC!

-She gets the hiccups all the time (just like me!) and sometimes her dad will sneak up and scare her (and Brian does the same thing to me!)

-Her favorite sport is gymnastics, and she goes two times a week.  She was flipping and doing backbends while I was over, and it was so easy for her to do a split!

-I got a tour of her room, and she had a lot of awards from soccer and swimming.  She also really likes to play basketball.

-When I was visiting, she was reading the Ramona books.  Her favorite color combination is blue and light green, and she had a lot of art projects in her room.

-We talked about some of the cool family vacations she has gone on, including a trip to Mexico where she got to swim with the dolphins!

-For her electives, Dylan will probably pick tennis and gymnastics.  Both her parents went to camp and loved it, so it’s a sure thing that Dylan will love it too!  (She’s already requesting “Baked by Melissa” cupcakes on Visiting Day!)