Brother/Sister Teams Coming to Camp!

Claire Ben 2

Meet Claire and Ben!  They are both finishing 2nd grade, and will be Lower Juniors at camp this summer!  They live in Plymouth Meeting, PA.


-She’s very crafty, when I arrived at their house she had made me a sweet card.  She loves doing art projects!

-She collects snowglobes and showed me them in her awesome room.

-Claire plans to try out for the Camp Show this summer.

-Her most favorite activity is gymnastics – she loves being on the floor element!

-Her favorite color is neoon green, and her favorite foods are ice cream and cookies!

-Claire did the Tour & More Weekend last year, and in looking ahead to spending the full summer at camp, she’s excited to try some of the medium paced rides at Dorney Park.

-Mostly, Claire cannot wait to make new friends at camp, and to have friendly competition with her twin brother at Evening Activities!


-He really likes books, and soccer.

-Ben is really excited to celebrate his birthday at camp this summer, and we talked all about the special ways we celebrate at camp!

-He think’s he’ll love the batting cage elective.

-And, he loves baseball so much, he will want to participate in the Canadensis Baseball League (CBL).

-He is twins with Claire, but they also have an older brother!  And, his Dad went to Canadensis growing up and is an Alumni of camp!

Claire Ben

Henry is going to be spending his 4th summer at camp!  He is going to be an Upper Inter Boy this summer.  He had his TAC’s (Tagger at Canadensis for doing good deeds!) in his room, and I loved seeing it.  We talked all about the sports he’s been playing (soccer, basketball, etc!) and how excited he is to be in Middle Camp this summer!

Claire 3

(Here’s a selfie Claire and I took, and she turned into a collage!)



Meet Casey!  She’s currently in 4th grade, and will be a Lower Inter Girl this summer!  She lives in Westfield, NJ.

-Casey did the Tour & More program twice, and she’s been at camp fir visiting day, so she knows all about our amazing camp food like the Cornman and David’s cookies!

-This girl loooooves to dance!  She is in the process of creating more dances, and taking more classes.

-Casey does every dance style you can think of…lyrical, ballet, tap, hip-hop etc!  We had a little dance party.  She makes up routines on the spot and is going to be a huge help to her bunk during MTV Night!

-She plays every single sport, and especially likes basketball, softball and soccer.

-She is also good at gymnastics.  She showed me her tricks!

-Her dog is named “Teddy” and is so sweet!  She also had some “pet deer” who like to visit her backyard!

-She’s also a great artist, and showed me her fashion design sketches with lots of details including shoes!

-Her basement was under construction when I was over, but when it’s finished it’s going to be a great place to have a party for all of her camp friends!

-She wants everyone to know that she is not at all “vanilla” – she is a totally fun and ridiculous “chocolate” explosion!




Casey 2

Ryan is her big brother, and he will be spending his 3rd summer at camp.  This year he will be a Freshman boy .  He is soooo excited for camp, he screamed from the other room when he heard me and Casey talking about stuff!  We talked about all sorts of stuff, including how delicious the donuts are on Thursday mornings at camp!




Zoe Ben

This brother/sister team is coming to camp for the first time this summer!  Zoe is finishing 2nd grade and will be a Lower Junior Girl.  Ben is finishing 4th grade and will be a Lower Inter Boy.  They live in Livingston, NJ.


-She is going to be celebrating her birthday at camp, but when she gets off the bus next month she’ll still be 7 years old!

-She loves gymnastics and dance!

-The hat she’s wearing in the photo above is her “disco/shopping” hat!  It’s cool and I hope she brings it to camp!

-She hopes to have a bottom bunk so she can turn her camp bed into a fort!

-After school, Zoe loves to roller blade and ride her bik.

-Zoe has about 5,000 boooks!

-She is super excited for activities like art, sewing and cooking!


-He is most excited to do the sports at camp.  Basketball is probably his favorite.

-But, he also likes Tennis and Baseball a lot!

-In September, he got a puppy!  It’s a boxer named Missy and he lvoes her!

-On beach trips with his family, Ben loves to surf…so cool!

-He also enjoys riding his skateboard.

-We talked about a lot of different food questions at camp, and he’s going to be trying Fruit on the Fly!





Meet Kate!  She is finishing 2nd grade and will be a Lower Junior Girl at camp this summer!  She lives in Syosset, NY.

-When I was visiting, Kate had just joined a gymnastics competition team, and she was tumbling with joy the whole time I was there!

-She was doing cartwheels, splits and handstands.  She was working on her back handspring and loves the bars.

-We talked about her past theater performances – she was a mermaid in Peter Pan, and suggests we do Frozen at camp one summer!

-She plays piano, and recently performed at NYSMA for the first time.  But, she’s also an athlete who is good at sports too.  We talked a bunch about her swim team, she can do all the strokes including butterfly!

-She loves art also, and is excited to tie-dye at camp this summer!

-She loves Katy Perry (because they have the same name!)

-She had so many Canadensis things in her room…a clock, water bottle, teddy bear…her normal bedtime is around 8PM, so she’s excited to stay up later at camp!

-Kate loves all foods, except maybe pineapple!

Kate 2

Her big brother Ethan will be at camp for his 2nd summer, and will be an Upper Inter Boy.  He was one of the stars of our play last year, and suggests we do Mary Poppins.  He also did NYSMA this year for singing, piano and trombone too!  He wants to be even more serious about his swimming this year, and is excited to get back to camp…he thinks the food is great!



Jonah 2

Meet Jonah!  He’s currently in 3rd grade, and will be an Upper Junior Boy this summer!  He’s from Philadelphia, PA.

-He sometimes goes by the nickname “JL” for his initials.

-He’s looking forward to a lot of different activities at camp, especially painting, mountain  biking, glass fusion, gaga, tetherball and activities in the lake!

-Jonah showed me a porcupine he made in Kindergartend, and it was really great!

-We flipped through a book of camp photos, and when we got to the sports page he liked every single activity!  He especially likes golf.

-Last summer at his day camp, he won the silver medal for a dodgeball game called “pins”.  It sounded like a lot of fun!

-We talked about MTV night and and the big all camp activities, and he was pumped for Dorney Park!

-He was dressed for his hockey game later 🙂


His big sister Annabelle will be at camp for her 3rd summer, and will be an Upper Inter Girl!  She helped me out a ton during the home visit, and explained all the fun details about camp to Jonah.  She’s been staying busy during the school year with performances and dance classes!  Not pictured is oldest brother Eli, who is a serious student…but also loves changes to take a break and see camp friends, his bunk even went on a ski trip together this year!




Meet Jamie!  She is in 3rd grade and will be an Upper Junior Girl this summer.  She lives in Livingston, NJ!

-Jamie loves dogs, and wanted to know if she could spend time helping me out and walking my dog Annie this summer…I told her YES!

-She loves cornman, and wanted to know how many times she’d get to have it this summer (the answer is 3 – open house, carnival and visiting day!)

-I got a tour of her room, and got to see all her fun beanie boos.  Her favorite one was named Fluffy.

-She is a serious soccer player, and was on the 3rd grade championship team called the “Storm”.

-She loves arts and crafts, and cannot wait to try glass fusion this summer.  She knows how to do pottery and showed me lots of her ceramics projects from day camp, and the award she won for helping another camper on the overnight.

-She spent a night at camp last summer in the Tour & More Weekend, and she got to do the banana boat in the lake!

-She also had a pretty funny story ab out where she showered during her overnight weekend…haha!

Jamie 2

Her big brother Mason will be back at camp for his 2nd summer, and will be an Upper Inter Boy.  He has been loving seeing his camp friends during the winter, and is letting his hair grow and grow!  He’s excited to be in Middle Camp this summer and get some extra freedom during Free Play and a bowling trip!

Jamie 3_1

Mason and Jamie have Canadensis Cousins too…and it was awesome to see them on the home visit!  David is going to be a CIT (Counselor in Training) and that is the highlight of the Camp Canadensis camper experience!  Rebecca is going to be spending her 3rd summer on staff, this year she will be a Drama Specialist, and is trying to get Jamie pumped up for the camp show!



Dylan R 2

Meet Dylan!  She is in 2nd grade and will be a Lower Junior Girl at camp this summer!  She lives in Washington Crossing, PA!

-Her favorite colors are hot pink, neon green and blue!

-She plays on a soccer team called the “Patriots” and they wear red and it’s her favorite sport.  She plays goalie!

-But…she’s not a great goalie when she’s defending against her two big brothers in the backyard…they are serious athletes!!

-She also does gymnastics once a week and is working on her back handspring and back flip.  She showed off some cartwheels and roundoffs for me, right in the living room!

-For her electives at camp this summer, she plans on doing glass fusion, woodworking and waterslides.

-At her day camp, she loved played Newcomb, and doing the climbing wall and high ropes – I’m sure she’ll love it at Canadensis too!

-Dylan likes all different kinds of foods, especially bagels, lox, pasta and nachos…all things we have regularly at camp!

-In addition to having two brothers, she has two dogs named Izzy and Cosmo (she got to name Izzy!)

Dylan R


Chase is spending his 3rd summer at Canadensis, and is going to be an Upper Inter at camp this summer.  His basketball team was very successful this winter, and he won a trophy almost as big as his little sister!  He plays sports year round, including soccer!  Logan is going to be spending his 4th summer at camp, and will be a Lower Senior.  He’s excited to be on Senior Side for the first time, and celebrated his Bar Mitzvah this past year.  It’s been great to see all his camp friends at the different parties.