New Mainline Campers!


Meet Brooke from Gladwyne, PA!  She was a Tour & More weekend camper last summer, and Brooke is currently in 2nd grade, counting down the days until she becomes a Junior Girl at camp this summer!  As you can tell from the photo above, she’s full of fun and jazz hands!  It will be so awesome to have her at camp all summer, and here’s what you should know about her:
She loves to dance, and is on the Mini-Pop competition dance team at Liberty Me.  She is currently working on a dance to “Upside Down“.   She goes to the Shipley school, and her favorite subject is Physical Education (PE).   She gets to do gymnastics, swing on the climbing wall and play pillow polo in class!  She also is good at Social Studies because she’s amazing at remembering names!  Brooke remembers the campers and counselors names that she met at the Tour & More weekend, and she can even remember small nicknames from a family road trip years ago (her parents were jackknife and little jackknife!).  Speaking of nicknames, she goes by Brooke or Brookie…but at camp she might end up being called “Little Verne” because big sister Alexa is almost always called “Verne”!
Believe it or not, Brooke really likes working with her Hebrew School teacher – I was over during a Purim lesson and it sounded like a lot of fun!  She also really likes to eat salad…but trust me, she’s also looking forward to visiting the canteen three nights a week for snacks!  She’s excited for a ton of camp activities, and for her electives she plans to to do dance and climbing wall.  She hasn’t decided if she’ll audition for the Camp Show, but it sounds like we’d be lucky to have her…she’s been in shows before as the lead!  Brooke will definitely be trying out for our competition dance teams, and she’s already looking forward to the Dorney Park trip because she loves roller coasters!  She pretty much loves everything, except for basketball…mostly because the basketballs always hit her in the head!  But, she will definitely still participate and make it as fun as possible…she focuses on the positive, and really likes the dribbling part of the game!
Brooke is the kind of girl who helps anyone who has a problem, and she always ends the conversations with a hug.  She knows some funny jokes, (some from popsicle sticks, like: Q-what did one math book say to the other math book?  A-I’ve got lots  of problems…haha!) and wants a bunk full of some really silly campers and crazy counselors to spend the summer with!
One of the great questions Brooke asked is about how often she’ll get to see her sister.  Alexa (on the right above) will be back at camp for her second summer, and she will be a Lower Inter Girl.  They will see each other at meals, morning line up, during free play and some evening activities – plus, they can visit each others bunks during rest hour and shower hour!
It was great to catch up with Alexa and hear about how she’s been keeping busy!  She’s doing a ton of dancing (including 4 hours on the weekend!) and is really looking forward to an upcoming Demi Lovato concert with school friends.  She was in Bunk 3 in 2013, and is guessing they’ll be in bunk 6 next year!  They’ve had a lot of sleepovers…including one right before the camp reunion in January, but Alexa thinks it is time for another one!

Can’t wait to have both of these girls at camp, and they can’t wait to pack their brightly colored sock collections this year…unlike what the packing list says, all socks do NOT have to be white!


My next stop that night was up the road in Wayne, PA.  I got to spend some time with Sydney, a current 4th grader who will be a Lower Inter Girl for her first summer at camp!   She has a really fun “upside down” house where you walk in on the top floor, and the kids rooms are downstairs.  She goes to Roberts Elementary school, and can be shy at first, but underneath she’s really goofy (seriously, her grandpa can’t tell if she’s 2 or 10!)!  Here’s what you need to know about Sydney:

She started dancing when she was two years old, and loves it!  She’s also on the Liberty Me competition dance team, so I’m expecting to see some coordinated dance moves during our Morning Line Up dance parties every morning!  She will be starting to play lacrosse soon, and already picked out her first stick!  She had just celebrated her 10th birthday the week before I came over, and there were still fun decorations in her bedroom and kitchen, including a tie-dyed kitkat/m&m cake that looked a little bit like this!  She also went to Busy Bees for a painting class party, and showed me the glass fusion frame she made there before…very cool!  She really likes making crafts, so she’ll definitely have to take the glass fusion elective at camp this summer!

We hung out in her room with her whole family.  Sydney is a big sister to Skylar and Topher, her younger sister and brother.  I also got to meet her awesome dogs – Fuzzy and Dakota (and yes, Fuzzy is very fuzzy!).  She is a super spirited camper (just like her mom was!) so she’s  excited for everything at camp…and she already thinks that morning line up will be her favorite part of the day!  She loves to read and asked me if there is a library at camp, and unfortunately it’s one of a few things we don’t have!  But, packages with reading materials are allowed at camp, and as you get to the older ages in camp, book club does become an elective option!  Sydney had so many great questions written down, and was really prepared and thoughtful about summer!  Some more quick facts about Sydney is that her favorite color is purple, she has a giant troll in her house (it belongs to her dad!) and she loves dancing so much that she plays a dance video game as much as possible after school!

I can’t wait to see Sydney at New Camper Bouncing on April 6th, and to bust some moves with her on the amphitheater this summer!