New Campers from New Jersey!


This week, I got to meet some great new girls coming to camp!  I went to Livingston, NJ and met Ella, who is currently in 3rd grade and will be a new Upper Junior Girl.  Her mom is a life-long sleepaway camper, and her grandparents also worked at camp for many years.  Camp spirit is in her blood – she even had a blue and gold color war birthday party this past year!  Here’s what you should know about Ella:
Her room has a big fuzzy chair for reading, and she has fishing awards from day camp last summer, you get one every time you catch a fish!  She also happens to have a pet beta fish who swims around in her room all day, and her name is Maddy.  She swims around next to Ella’s soccer trophies – she’s been playing for years and really likes it!  Another one of her favorite activities is the Future Fashionistas classes where she learns to sew and make clothing – she showed me a whole wardrobe of things she’s made, including pajama shorts, a sweatshirt/poncho, skirt and tank top…it was awesome, and hopefully she’ll wear some of it at camp this summer!  She has her own sewing machine now, and pretty soon she’ll get to create cool fashions whenever she wants!
She’s super excited to spend her summer in the Poconos!  Her family (including her little sister!) likes to ski, and has recently gone on trips to Camelback and Blue Mountain, which are pretty close to Canadensis!  She has no trouble skiing down the blue squares, and I’m sure she’ll be great on waterskis this summer!  She’s really excited to try waterskiing, but she’s MOST excited for horseback riding.  She’s never done it before, but she just knows she’s going to love it!  Ella remembered a ton of stuff about camp, and had great questions for me about topics like Miss Canadensis, Waterfall and Prom.  When I asked her how she’d decorate her bunk, she wasn’t sure yet…but she was considering hanging up a Pearl Jam poster, it’s a band she and her dad like to listen to…but it might not make the cut for camp!
My next stop was in Scotch Plains, NJ where I got to hang out with Alexa, a current 4th grader who will be a new Lower Inter Girl at camp this summer.  She came up to visit camp this summer and her family took the Morning Line Up tour – they loved the dancing and spirit that they saw at Canadensis, and it helped make the camp decision easy!  Her parents met at the University of Michigan, so they felt comfortable with the Canadensis Blue & Gold!  Here’s what you should know about Alexa:
She likes tons of different music, including 1 Direction and Selena Gomez – she loves to sing along to songs!  She also loves to dance and will be on stage every Morning Line Up!  She is excited to compete with her bunk at MTV night, but I told her to expect some serious competition from the boys bunks…they come up with some really funny dances!  Alexa is really comfortable being on stage because she participates in her schools Variety Show each year.  I saw old photos of her in the show all the way back to Kindergarten!  As the oldest grade in her school, she’ll get to do some extra numbers this year, and she’s pretty excited about getting to perform to the “cup song” – it will be a great one to sing in the dining hall at camp!
Alexa likes arts – in her room I saw sand art and gods eyes that she has made, and she told me about a beeswax candle she once made in school.  She is a Girl Scout, and with her troop she’s done overnights, tye-dying, and lots of crafts including a bead covered picture frame.  She also really likes to play soccer, and take tennis lessons.  For her electives this summer, she is considering signing up for gaga, the Today Show and tennis…but she doesn’t have to decide until mid-May!  We talked about a ton of stuff, including the camp food – she’s excited that we have yogurt for breakfast, and her favorite salad bar items (she loves tomatoes, cheese, cucumbers and dressing!).  Alexa (and her outgoing little sister!) asked me a lot of great questions, including how laundry at camp…not one that I typically get asked, but it’s super important!
I can’t wait to see Ella & Alexa at New Camper Bouncing in April!  But right now, I’m pumped for the Winter Meeting…it’s starting tomorrow, and our leadership team is on it’s way to Philadelphia right now.  Can’t wait to see everyone!