New Philly area girls!

Blog 1 Jamie

Meet Jamie!  She is a current 5th grader who will be a new Upper Inter Girl at Canadensis this summer, but she’s already a total camper and has lots of overnight camp experiences!  Last month, Cara and I got to hang out with some of her family around the kitchen table, and we had a great time getting to know her!  Here’s what you should know about this fun new camper:
  • Jamie takes three dance classes each week – ballet, hip-hop and jazz.  She loves to dance!
  • Jazz is her favorite and she also really likes that teacher.
  • She has two dogs, named Cody and Dixie.  She also has a guinea pig in her room named Pebbles!
  • She’s lucky to have a pool in her backyard and learned to swim when she was two years old.
  • She’s the youngest of 4 siblings.  We got to meet her older brother Jackson, and she also has two older sisters.
  • Her favorite thing about camp is being with a lot of people her age.  She just loves to be in a group!
  • She likes to do a lot of stretching, and she’s flexible!  She showed us how easily she can do a heel extension.
  • She’s really into nature activities, and tried to encourage her family to build a fire pit in the backyard that they can use for s’mores.
  • Right now she’s even working on a ceramics project at school that has chocolate and graham crackers marshmallows on a plate, because she loves s’mores!
  • She has a beautiful voice, but she didn’t sing for us.
  • She likes to play tennis and is going to take tennis lessons this summer.
  • She has a huge family and lots of cousins who live in Israel. She’s been to visit Israel three times…but has only been to New York once, even though her dad works there every day!
  • She really enjoys sleeping late and will staying up with anyone else in the bunk is awake!  (I better warn her counselors…)
  • She loves Arts & Crafts, and will keep her clothing super neat…she has a folding board where she likes to practice folding T-shirts!
Blog 1 Sasha
And on a super rainy night, I also got to meet Sasha – she’s a current 4th grader and will be a Lower Inter Girl for her first summer at Camp Canadensis!  I first got to meet her at our New Camper Bouncing event, and it was great to see her get to know all the other new campers…it was easy to see how quickly she makes friends!  It was great to chat more with her about camp, and here’s what you should know about this awesome new camper:

  • She plays viola, and likes music!
  • She goes to Bala Elementary, and the day after my visit was a bake sale…she was bringing vegan brownies her mom made!
  • Sasha loves reading and has a lot of books in her room.  She really like the Nancy Drew books right now.
  • She’s gone to a bunch of day camps, and has already learned to swim.  She can do the backstroke all day and hold her breath under water for a while…which comes in handy for the Color War “underwater swim” competition!
  • She likes to wake up early…like 6AM early!  She’s already prepared with a lot of activities she can do at camp in case that happens.
  • She loves to talk, and is very easy to talk to!
  • When doing photo shoots with friends, her “signature look” is to pose with a feather boa!
  • She recently dressed up like Katy Perry, and had a blue wig from the costume in her closet still.
  • Sasha is excited about so many camp activities – soccer (she plays defense), glass fusion, woodworking, paddle boarding and more!
  • She doesn’t love wearing a life jacket…but in order to do the summit and play on the watermat in the lake, she knows it’s worth it!!
  • I was impressed by how many camp rules she knew (like the 5 stuffed animal/pillows maximum on beds) – she went through the whole handbook and remembered so much!