New to Boys Side!


Meet Michael!  He’s just finishing 5th grade, and will be a new Upper Inter Boy this summer!  He lives in West Chester, PA!

-Michael has an awesome Electric Guitar and he played it for me in his basement where he practices.  He goes to ‘School of Rock’ once a week and has performed a few times.

-He is really excited to bring his guitar to camp and show off his skills in Rock Band…maybe you will get to hear him play some Metallica or AC/DC at Visiting Day!

-He is also a really fast runner and his fastest 5K is 23 minutes so far and he even ran a 10k once with his dad!

-We had time to play some Ping Pong and he beat me 11-5! I can’t wait for the rematch up at camp.

-Michael is not just a musician and athlete! He also really enjoys reading. He also has a younger brother Adam and a dog named Puck.

-He can’t wait to celebrate his birthday at camp and is lucky that his cousins Lauren and Justin go to camp so they can celebrate with him!

-Michael is a big Eagles fan and you can totally tell by walking into his room. He goes to games with his dad.

-Here are some activities that Michael is looking forward to this Summer at Canadensis: Soccer League and Hockey League, climbing wall, archery and Banana Boats.



Meet Wyatt!  He’s just finishing up 3rd grade, and will be an Upper Junior at camp this summer!  He lives in Gladwyne, PA!

-He really loves football, both playing and watching. He is an Eagle and Patriots fan and he is pretty sure his camp bedspread is going to have all the NFL Logos on it.

-He recently got to cut the cake at his cousins Gender Reveal Party and they found out that they were having Twins!!!

-Wyatt is a pretty athletic guy: he also plays basketball during the Winter and was on the Stamford team, Stamford.  He plays baseball in the Spring.

-Both his parents went to camp so he is really excited that it is his turn to go to sleep away camp, and his younger brother Reid will likely follow in his steps!

-Wyatt is looking forward to a lot of the activities at camp like: Cooking, Dance Parties at Morning Lineup, Lacrosse, and Hondas (his dad has GoCarts!)

-He really hopes he has counselors who are into sports like he is and want to play with him.

-Looking forward to frozen Twix at Canteen since he had them for the first time at Canadensis last summer!





Meet Ari!  Ari is finishing up 2nd grade, and will be a Lower Junior this year.  He lives in Ambler, PA!

-He has a really cute dog named Bailey.

-Ari got to spend time at Canadensis for Tour and More and his dad is one of the camp doctor’s so he got to spend some extra time at camp during that week…which means he’s a good guy to know in the first few days of camp!

-Some of his favorite parts of his time at Canadensis are the Hypnosis Show, the Lake Party and the All Camp Scavenger Hunt.

-Ari can’t wait for some of his favorites activities like roller hockey and soccer and hopes he can play lacrosse also.

-He loves to watch football and hockey and his favorite team is the Boston Bruins.

– Ari also started playing electric guitar at the School of Rock and started skiing this winter!

-He is really excited for Electives like archery and climbing wall and also wants to try Waterskiing.

-Ari is really looking forward to Color War and hopes he is on his brother’s team.

Ari 2

Idan is his big brother, and this will be his 4th summer at camp!

– Idan showed me a photobook he made of his first summer camp which was awesome!

-He is really looking forward to being a Freshman. Especially the Cooperstown trip so he can bring Ari back a present.

-At school, Idan is in Sixth Grade now which means he has a locker and a schedule. He also gets to visit a special café  a couple times a week

-Idan is really proud that he has a perfect record…he has one Color War FOUR YEARS IN A ROW!





Meet Matthew!  He’s just finishing up 2nd grade, and will be a Lower Junior this year!  He lives in Plymouth Meeting, PA.

-Matthew is an Eagles fan and has bedspread that shows his devotion!

-He is looking forward to Water Skiing and Glass Fusion

-This winter his family took a Florida trip, and he loves Harry Potter world!  After camp this year, he is excited to go to Israel!

-We talked about school, and he told me about an awesome “Skittles project” he was working on.

-Matthew really wants to be on the Blue Team for Color War…we’ll see!!

-He has a special talent that might be used at camp…he can walk on his hands!

His older sister Marissa is spending her 4th summer at Canadensis, and will be an Upper Inter Girl.  I don’t think there is anyone with more CAMP SPIRIT that her!!!

His oldest sibling, David, is spending his 6th summer at Canadensis, and will be a Upper Senior Boy – we are so excited to have him back, and have all his siblings at camp this summer!





Meet Ryan!  Ryan is just finishing 3rd grade and will be an Upper Junior Boy at camp this summer~  He is from Woodbury, NY.

-Ryan is already “Mr. Canadensis”!  That’s the award he won at Tour & More last summer…doesn’t the photo above tell you everything you need to know?!

-He is a sporty guy…he plays on the basketball team, baseball team and enjoys playing tennis and golf

-He was a gaga champion at his day camp last year!

-One of his best buddies is named “Ralph” he’s a toy his brother won and brought home from  Dorney Park!

-Ryan loved doing the water trampoline at camp last year  and can’t wait to try ice mountain and the banana boat.

-This winter, his family took a trip to Hawaii, and during our visit he was wearing a cool necklace he got there.

-Ryan thinks he’ll probably be the first one awake in his bunk every morning, but he might need to work on his cleaning skills.

Ryan 2

Ryan has two older siblings at camp!  Meet Marissa and Jeremy!  We had a lot of fun during the home visit, and they both think he’s going to quickly fit in at camp and be dancing up a storm at Morning Line Up!

Marrisa is going to be a CIT (Counselor In Training!!!) this summer, and is so excited!  She’ll actually be heading to camp tomorrow for CIT Weekend!

Jeremy will be a Freshman this summer.  He has been very busy playing sports, his number one sport is either baseball or tennis but he also plays basketball.  He has a perfect color war record, let’s see if he’ll be able to keep it in tact this summer.  He’s going to be on his sister’s team because when you have a sibling who is a CIT, you all get placed on the same team!