Poetry Tuesday…

Over the weekend I got to spend some time with Becky Jacobson and Karen Sharir, and they told me all about their recent artistic collaboration…

Becky J had to write a  “Collaborative Recipe Poem”, meaning she had to write a poem with a partner, and the poem had to read like a recipe. Becky asked Karen to assist her with the creative piece, and the result is nothing short of masterful. The girls drew inspiration from the movie, Wet Hot American Summer (a camp counselor favorite!) and I laughed out loud the first time I read it. If you know the WHAS movie, you will be surprised to see just how many references the girls were able to squeeze in to their poem…

Recipe for a Wet Hot American Summer

Cleanse Arty the beekeeper and set aside,
Barbecue a crowned class B dungeon master —
let simmer in a thin sauce of hygienic products.
Add some arts and farts and crafts.

Dice up a talent show and be sure to leave the baggage and attitude at the door,
Because we don’t need it.
Fry it in a pan of “fondue with cheddar.”
Juice the deepest thoughts from your gournal.

Then take some “hey” from before and add it to the mix,
Throw in some dance belts, lycras, et.al. seriously.

Take Arty and his fake summer romance that didn’t even happen,
and spread evenly throughout the hundreds of colored markers.
Add One cup of determination to get McKinley loved.

Blend everything together in one huge piece of the space station coming towards Earth.

Before you put it all in the oven make sure to get the lower camp kids out of the ropes course,
I meant to tell you about that yesterday.

Toss it in the oven and make it your beeswax to get it out at 9:30 to see what it has blossomed into.

If you follow the directions exactly, almost all of your campers should make it out in one piece,
except for the few who are lepers.

But this tastes like burger so I don’t like it anymore.

Have you ever used a camp joke, or the general theme of camp, as inspiration for an assignment or creative piece? If so, email it to me at cara@canadensis.com and I’ll be sure to post it for everyone to enjoy!

Other than the usual weekend dinner with camp friends, life has been business as usual, only it seems that the days are flying by faster than ever, and I truly feel as though I’m going to wake up tomorrow and be leaving for Pre-Camp. I have been coming up with some crazy ideas for camp activities and craft projects over the last few weeks, so I’m really excited to start working on translating my ideas into reality as this month goes on. Here’s one project that Karen and I will be starting:

Recycled Artwork!

Recycled Artwork!

This piece is made entirely of recycled materials, mostly magazines and old canvases, and it’s going to be so cool to create our own!

Well, I hope everyone is excited for the arrival of a new month, another month closer to camp, and that all of our Philadelphia/Cherry Hill area campers and friends will be coming out to join us for Canteen on the Fly this Sunday!