Spring has Sprung?

Hi Camp Family!

So it’s been a while since my last post, I’ve been crazy busy wrapping things up from my trip and getting back into the swing of things in the office. The stack of papers on my office desk is slowly shrinking back to the normal amount of clutter and the file of New Staff Hires is growing by the day! Which is exciting, because it means camp is seriously only a few weeks away!!! Okay… for me it’s more like 10 weeks, but that’s still SO close!

This weekend was amazing and I got to see so many camp friends and celebrate the Bat Mitzvah of Miss Charley Paston! The whole evening was wonderful and Charley looked absolutely gorgeous! Super-Counselor Erica Carey met me at my house to get ready and then we drove off to Long Island! The Amazing Jacki Beckerman was also in attendance, and spent the whole night tearing up the dance floor with us, especially with some stellar dance moves from Olivia Wind and Dani Schapiro! We took goofy pictures, sang crazy songs with glittery microphones, and of course gave out LOTS of hugs! Here are some pictures from our amazing night:


Jackie, Me, and Erica

Erica and I with our girls!

Erica and I with our girls!


With The Beautiful Bat Mitzvah Girl!!!

After an AMAZING night I took Erica on a short driving tour of Long Island. I spent my first year of college on the island, so I showed her my old dorm and some pretty buildings, and then we went to my favorite bagel shop, A&S Bagels – Open 24 hours a day, and bought some delicious late night snacks for the ride home. On the way home we entertained ourselves with some good CDs and a phone call from Becky J.

So I spent Sunday relaxing after the busy weekend, and on Monday I enjoyed the snow day just like most of you! I made all my camp calls from my bedroom! Now I’m back in the office and back to getting things ready for summer 2009. I might be taking a trip up to camp this week with Matt Unger so perhaps I’ll post some cool videos or pictures from our excursion. I should also make a shout out to one of my most dedicated blog readers, Adam Scharfberg. He sends me funny messages while I’m in the office about delicious salads he bought at Wawa and how excited he is to visit me at camp this summer. Crunch!

Until then I hope the weather gets warmer and melts all this ridiculous snow! It was just starting to feel like Spring…