Where in the World is Eric Forti: Part 2- Moscow

Hello Everyone! My last three days in Moscow have been crazy busy. On Monday, I flew from Saint Petersburg, Russia to Moscow, Russia, which was only about a 30 minute flight. The airport in Saint Petersburg was designed so “smartly” with steps at the entrance and you had to carry your 50 pound suitcases up the stairs- ingenious I tell you. Our flight was great on Aeroflot, which was a pleasant surprise on an absolutely brand-new Airbus aircraft, that was built in August 2008.

Upon our arrival in Moscow, the 9 camps that had travelled to Saint Petersburg joined up with about 15 other camps for the Moscow camp fair. We were treated to a huge feast as a welcome dinner and toasted to a great hiring fair and Summer 2009!

Tuesday morning, we had our staff hiring fair and I interviewed some great kitchen/laundry staff for this coming summer. Following that, I went on a sightseeing tour of Red Square and a Jewish synagogue, in which I had the chance to pray in Hebrew, using a Russian/Hebrew siddur! I guess I need to confess that we stopped at a Sbarro pizza place for a taste of home, which was very welcomed to all of us. At night we had a big farewell dinner (yes we eat a lot) and there were pantomimes, which were interesting and strange!

Right now I am typing this from the airport as we head to our next destination. Check out the video clip- enjoy and good luck!


P.S. Keep sending in your questions to editor@canadensis.com so that I can answer them in future videos!