Spring Things

I hope everyone has been enjoying my “Meet the CITs” postings, they really are an amazing group of people and you all have NO IDEA how much fun and spirit they are going to bring to camp this summer. You thought camp was fun? You thought we had spirit? To quote the song… You aint seen nothing yet!!!

But, I must take a moment to pause my regularly scheduled blogging to update everyone on all the happenings in and around my office life lately. Last night finally brought bread back into my life as another Passover passed over us, so today is made even better by the lack of matzo in my lunch routine! Our family’s Passover celebration was highlighted by the Macaron tower I created, much to the delight of everyone’s taste buds. Kosher for Passover, Gluten Free, Nut Free – there was a treat for everyone! Even my puppy, Bella, tried to devise a way to climb our chairs and tables to steal a treat… luckily she did not succeed!

Wondering how far she can jump...

That weekend, my mother and I had plans for a double show day in the city! Lucky for us, Sarabeth’s had an alternative to their usually delcious muffins…

Matzo Heaven!

After I posted that picture on Instagram, CIT Mindy sent me a message saying that she was at Sarabeth’s as well! We had been at the Tribeca location, while Mindy and her family were at Central Park South. After we saw our first show downtown we made our way back uptown and finally got to see the Rosenthals… along with surprise guest star, Alex Feigin!

Alex, Cara, Mindy, and Rachel!

It’s always fun to run into your camp friends, even if it’s only for a few minutes! After our evening show we made our way home, although we’ve already got plans to return for some more theatrical fun next weekend! If you’re going to be in the city perhaps we’ll have another camp story to tell!

Gifts Galore!

When I’m not seeing shows or busy working in the office I’ve been having a blast experimenting with all sorts of French Macaron flavors! I must give a HUGE shout-out to Jason Calabretta, who hooked me up with some insane flavors to try. From s’mores to chocolate fudge – my kitchen is practically a bakery! Perhaps this is an iCan night in the making – what do you think?

Leo would like a puppy macaron, please?!