The Postcamp Staff Speaks!

All of the wonderful postcamp staff are in my office right now and they have these messages for all of you:

Geo KID!-Shoutout to all the hockey peeps at camp!

Karen Sharir-So, camp is really quiet without all of you here. But, we still have Lauren Berry. Shout out to Lower Senior Girls 2009.

Lauren Berry-2010, I can’t wait. I already paid my CCUSA returnee fee and will be back for another great summer. I also miss Dr. Pepper, the horse. Shoutout to all my horses and G-16.

Kaelah Gasperotti-Shout out to my horses and my housemate.

Alex Steel- Whhhhhaaaaatttttttt???

Shawn Bolton-Shoutout to 2009 B-19/2010 CIT’s.  It’s the fourth quarter, you gotta push it.

Justin Winch- Jaycal is now accepting applications for next year’s Canadensis Today Show. Send all emails to (excluding Mara Bernstein). Just kidding Mara, you’re already in it. Shout out to 2009 Upper Inter Boys.