Rainy and cold

I guess fall is upon us as it’s getting much cooler in the mountains. Our nights have hit the 40’s/50’s and all of our postcamp staff ( about 8 ) are now living in the warm, cozy, heated health center.

Just to recap some of the work done this past week:

The main office roof is coming along nicely. The shingles and plywood have been delivered and over half the roof has been ripped off. As I type this post, it’s raining outside and the only thing keeping me dry is the tarp!

Our boats have come back from being winterized and serviced. The marina assures us they are in tip top shape for next year’s waterskiing season!

Our postcamp staff are busy painting cabin floors (about 20 in total) as well as powerwashing the bathroom floors, including the urinals in boys camp!

Our maintenance team of Tom and Val are going through cabins and fixing things up. Painting the screen doors, fixing/replacing windows, etc. The water on Senior Boys side will be shut off beginning Monday, which means we are nearing the end of postcamp.

Our kitchen staff is busy cleaning up the dining hall. They are mopping all of the floors, bleaching the tables, etc.

In other news, we have moved most of our files into our NEW WINTER OFFICE in Plymouth Meeting, PA. We are looking forward to working from our new office and promise that we will bring you an “Access Granted” on the Winter Edition of the Today Show with the behind the scenes views of our brand-new office.

Jaycal is hard at work on our “Look Back” episode of Canadensis Today and I know it’s going to be a funny episode, which will be posted real soon. In case you missed the details on the memories of the Today Show, scroll down to the post titled Canadensis Today Top Moments and be sure to write in and share with us your favorite memories of the Today Show.

One final thing before I sign off- this weekend is a real special weekend at Canadensis. In addition to the karate camp, student association from a University, and a high school peer facilitator retreat, we are proud to host the Special Olympics from the Philadelphia Area. Twice a year, Canadensis is proud to donate our facilities to the wonderful athletes involved in the Special Olympics. It’s such a treat hosting them and seeing the excitement in their eyes when they arrive for the weekend up here at camp. Just like all of you campers who get so excited when you board the bus headed to camp and maybe a little teary eyed when you have to leave (CIT shoutout for tears!), the Special Olympic athletes here are the same way. They look forward to their 2 visits each year and are so grateful for us allowing them to be here. Tomorrow night is typically a talent show/dance and I will be sure to report back on how that goes.

In closing, today is obviously a sad day for our country, and as Robin put it to her first graders this morning in school, go home and tell your moms, dads, family members, and friends how much you love them.