Things I Miss Already!

Hello Canadensis…

It’s been five days since the campers and counselors left.  I’m sad.  Here are some of the things I miss already…

* Dance Parties on the Amphitheater Stage before Morning Line-Up begins!

Before Morning Line-Up, there is almost always a dance party happening! I love it! What was your favorite tune to dance to this summer?

* Strawberry Shortcakes at Canteen!

* Girls divisions cheering and yelling to be called next in the Dining Hall!

* Junior and Lower Inter Boys playing their CBL games, especially the ones under the lights!

* Being continually asked by campers, “When is Color War going to break?!”  or “What are the teams this year for Color War?”!

In 2012, it was by plane!

* Hearing the score Giants 21, Patriots 17 at Morning Line-Up!  (Sorry Eagles fans.  Had to do it one last time!  I promise.)

* The sound of campers riding hondas and quads!  (Those new ATVs were so cool!)

* Camper siblings that happen to see each other and give a hug or high five!

Lauren Grama and Isaac "Ice G" Grama see each other in the middle of a camp day!

* Tie Dye T-Shirts made in the Art Shack!  They were awesome this summer!

* Campers telling me they got up on water skis for the first time!

* Campers and counselors dressing up for Crazy Night!

* Seeing who got TAC Awards!

Jordyn Rutman shows off her TAC (Tagged At Canadensis) Award!

* Taco Tuesdays!

* Senior and CIT Boys playing in NBA games during 6th Period!

* GaGa games at Free Play!

* Surfboard Games at the Lake!

Campers try to stay up on the surfboards while others try to get them off!

* Watching campers go down the zip line!

* Hearing J.Cal sing “Call Me Maybe”!  Could possibly be his favorite song of all time?!

* Seeing campers practice, then perform their MTV Night routines!

* The 2012 CITS!  They were awesome!  Thanks for a great summer!

2012 CITs at Disney!

Much more to be missed.  Already counting down the days until Summer 2013!  How many is it?

Have a great day!