We're Back!

Happy October everybody! It was a chilly morning as I made my way into the office – I guess this means summer really is over! Now that we’re back in full swing in the office I’m really excited to get back to my blog – I’ve got so much exciting camp-themed fun lined up for this fall and I can’t wait to share it all with you!

Looking back over the summer, I can definitely say this was the BEST SUMMER EVER! So, as is usually my “first-blog-back” tradition, here are some of my favorite moments of the summer, captured on film for you all to see. The best part, I’m proud to say, is that I took all of these snapshots myself! I’m getting super proud of my photography skills and I loved toting my camera around with me, from Ithaca to Orlando, to capture the most amazing summer of our lives…

Some of the CIT girls pose with Robin and newborn Baby Carli during CIT weekend!

Olivia and Chloe head out to the CIT overnight!

Rachel gets some tomatoes ready for the skillet!

Chef Dara

CITs in a tent!

Justin picked a lot of peas to feed families in need!

CIT Girls take a break from picking peas to take it all in...

Rikki was one with the fields...

CIT and SS Girls on our tour of Cornell

Jordan and Justin admire the dome...

Lauren and Mel get serious about their DDR!

Dorm Life!

Gotta get your college gear!

The theatre staff hold auditions for the summer shows...

CIT Boys at the NBC 10 Show

Brett and Dara loading boxes for the JRA

Sam helps Dani and Neali deliver boxes to families in need.

CIT counselors Nicole and Grace go for a spin on the floor!

Rebecca and Mindy discuss prom decoration strategy...

Super Seniors setting up on Prom Day!

CIT Taboo got very intense!

Casual posing at the V-Day dance!

We love EPCOT! (Ok, the Disney guy took this one for me!)

Mickey Mouse!

Next stop, Barbados!

Someone loves Goofy...

Being silly in Italy

My middle of the night view of the Rec Hall during color war...

Caila and Dani discuss the murals...

Lt. Olivia, Lt. Lauren, and Cpt. Rachel get soaked after winning Rope Burn!

Hallie is one with the fire...

Hanging the murals is a huge group effort!

Credit to LMac for this one:

Best. Summer. Ever.

There are literally hundreds of photos I could post and still never show you what a fabulous summer we had. A picture is worth a thousand memories and this was a summer we’ll never forget 🙂