Trips Up To Camp Inspire Some Blogging

Hello Canadensis…

So, I’ve been up to camp twice in the past week and it inspired me to blog to my Cyberspace Camp Family.  Being up at camp, even when it’s 40-degrees outside, is always a good time.  On the day after Thanksgiving, Jaime and I headed up to the Poconos as we are in the midst of our wedding plans and had to meet with our caterer to sort out the details of our big day, which is going to be May 11 up at camp.  Then, earlier this week, me, Eric and Neil headed up to talk about some facility projects we have in store for Summer 2013.  Right now, one of our big projects are updates on two bunks on girls side.  Another project in the works is creating a bigger area for our Senior Canteen.  Check out some pictures…

This is where Girls Bunks 2 and 3 were last summer.

The new inside of one of the bunks.

This is the area where the old Senior Pool used to be. As you can see, it will now be more of an area for Seniors and CITs to hang out and play. We will be adding some outdoor games and a fire pit to the area as well.

After Hurricane Sandy, we have received many inquires as to how camp held up.  Well, we are fortunate to say that we didn’t suffer any significant damage at all.  Camp braved the elements quite well.  In fact, camp looks great!  Our winter staff of Bob, Jimmy, Val and Jeremy have been working hard to maintain what we think is one of the most beautiful camping facilities.  We always appreciate the hard work that goes into the upkeep of the property.

And, even without the campers and staff, it is as if you are always there when I go up.  After seven summers at Canadensis, I can truly say that I can “hear the voices” of all of you when I’m up there.  No, I’m not going delusional (Ha Ha!).  It’s just that when I am up there, even in the dead of winter, I can picture CBL games on the Skin Diamond or tie dying going on in the Art Shack or a waterskier cruising around Lake Lenape.  And, as I picture these images in mind, I smile…a lot!  I guess it’s not too early to already start the countdown to Summer 2013!

Over the past month, it was great to see so many of our campers at the four different Canteen on the Fly locations in Pennsylvania, Westchester County and Northern New Jersey.  Anytime we get to see you is just awesome as we love to hear just how much you love camp.  We especially want to thank some of our staff that camp out to make the event extra special, including Robin Forti, Melissa Torban, Pete Tarnoff, Will Wekesa and Matt Manglona.  The campers were really happy to see you.  Our Long Island Canteen on the Fly, which was cancelled due to Hurricane Sandy, will be made up in 2013.  Of course, we hope that we see many of you at our next gathering, which will be the Annual Camp Reunion on Saturday, January 5.

CAMP REUNION: Saturday, January 5 at 10:30 am. Funtime America in Cliffwood, NJ.

Things are really starting to pick up already in our plans for Summer 2013.  We have heard from a ton of staff that are planning to return next year.  In the upcoming weeks, we will start hitting college campuses and flying abroad to meet so many new staff that are looking to work at camp in 2013.  The process of assembling at talented team of 200+ staff to work at camp certainly is a challenge, but one will anxiously look forward to each year.  At the same time, we have started to plan our summer calendar, talking into consideration all of the wonderful feedback we received from the online summer survey filled out by campers and the exit interviews we conducted with staff.  As always, if you see or hear about anything good that would work at camp next summer, please let us know.

In the upcoming weeks, we will be sending out to our camp families the much anticipated copy of the 2012 Video Yearbook.  We will also be unveiling the Virtual Camp Tour on our website, which should be a cool enhancement to  The camp tour has been a project that started last summer when we had a company come in and take 360-degree photographs of camp’s facilities.  The project is now in its final stages.  So far, it looks awesome!

Last week, I stumbled across this really funny commercial that I just had to share with all of you.  It is for a product called Campfire Cologne.  This is an actual thing.  That’s right!  For all of you that are just dying to walk around smelling like a campfire, this product is for you!  Check out the commercial (too funny)…

As is usually the case, some fun home visits to tell you about…

In Lower Gwynedd, PA, I got to hang out with Lower Senior Max Rapoport.  Max is now in the 7th grade and he has been busy with sports, playing football in the fall and basketball in the winter.  This year, his weekend calendar has been full with Bar and Bat Mitzvahs of camp and home friends.  Max will be back at Canadensis in 2013 for his fifth year honor jacket summer and can’t wait to finally be on Senior side.  Here is a pic…

Me with Lower Senior Boy Max Rapoport.

In Tenafly, NJ, I got to see Freshman Boy Dylan Carruba, who will be back for Summer #4.  Now in the 6th grade, Dylan played on his fall baseball team, the Tenafly Tigers, where he played both pitcher and 1B.  Pretty soon, he will start wrestling season.  Over the past few weeks, he has seen several camp friends such as Jake Berlin, Harrison Keim, Max Kruman and Max Steele.  In Summer 2013, Dylan told me that he can’t wait to be up on “The Hill.”   He also let me know that after this football season, he is switching his NFL allegiances to the New York Football Giants (smart choice, Dylan).  Each year, we compete in a Nok Hockey game, where this year was the first time he beat me by a score of 21-18.  Here is a photo…

Me with Freshman Boy Dylan Carruba, who shows me his new choice of NFL team to root for!

In Livingston, NJ, I spent some time with Jacob and Dylan Dennis.  Jacob is back for his 3rd summer and will be in our Upper Inter Boys division while Dylan joins us for her first summer as part of our Lower Juniors as she is in 2nd grade.  Now in 5th grade, Jacob just finished up his fall season for his traveling soccer team, the Livingston Lava, where he led the team in assists.  He was happy to report that his fall basketball team also were the season’s championship team.  Jacob has plans to see several of his camp friends very soon.  Dylan is currently taking a fashion course.  She is extremely creative, loves arts and crafts and has even been known to make homemade birthday presents for friends and family.  This summer, she is looking forward to the lake activities, like canoeing, fishing and the water trampoline.  She is also excited that she will get to share her brother’s birthday with him while at camp this summer.  Here is a picture…

Me with Upper Inter Boy Jacob Dennis and Lower Junior Girl Dylan Dennis.

It’s always great to receive photos from campers and staff, letting us know what they are up to.  As always, if you send them to me, I post them here on the blog.  Here are some camp get-togethers and news from our campers that I got this time around…

Some of our 2013 Freshman Girls got together on Long Island to celebrate Marlee Krasin's 11th Birthday at the Cheesecake Factory. Top Row (from L to R): Miranda Cohen, Carly Reiter, Alexis Levien, Shawn Eisenberg. Bottom Row (from L to R): Birthday Girl Marlee and Rachel Fisher.

Freshman Boy Ben Daniel won the Eastern PA State Championship with his football team. Ben played the game in honor of his grandmother, who passed away earlier this year. The date of the game had coincided with her birthday. Before the game, Ben told his parents, "I am playing today for mom mom (he welled up a bit) and anyone that gets in my way, I feel sorry for them."

2013 Lower Inters Bailey Germain and Joey Dallow hanging out together in New York City.

Ozzie and Jones Pearlman (left and center) had Max Kruman over their house in New York City a few weeks ago.

Well, that’s all of the blogging for now.  I will be back soon with more camp news and fun stuff!  By the way, if you are interested in being a guest blogger, put something together and I’ll post it here for everyone to read.

Have a great day!