Welcome to the Fall!

Hi Everyone,

I know it’s been a long break between blogs, but I am back! After camp, we had groups that came in to rent our camp. Marching bands, Karate Camps, and schools just to name a few. Matt Unger and I stayed up at camp through the end of September taking care of our groups, along with a few staff members who stayed with us to help out. It was a great postcamp, but there were of course a few challenges. Below is a list of the positives (and negatives) during postcamp.

  • Positive- Mariam from the kitchen was our personal chef and made some amazing foods, some of which she will be making for all of you next summer. Some highlights: homemade Spinach Pie (Spanakopita), Potato Bourekas, Apple Slaw, Chocolate Fondue, Zucchini Quiche, Eggplant salads, and much more. It was amazing and after eating camp food for 5 months (how many hamburgers/hot dogs can one person eat!) it was a welcome change.
  • Negative- Hurricane Irene, OY! It was terrible. Luckily, camp survived without too much damage. One tree fell in girls camp in between cabins and took down a power line, plus trees down all along the camp road. Aunt Terri’s basement flooded and myself and Matt were down there up to our waist pumping it out! The worst part was NO power for 4 days and we had a few groups there, with up to 300 people. Of course our backup generator kept the essentials going (the food!), but the dining rooms were dark, so we were eating by high powered light torch things. We got most of the water turned back on to camp so the groups had water (some cabins even had hot water through the gas heaters) and all in all they made the best of it. Everyone laughed, had fun, but of course bedtime was early because camp was PITCH BLACK at night. No area lights, etc. The best part was I figured all of the ice cream would melt, so we ate cases and cases of ice cream. Then I realized the generator ran the freezers (OK- that was just a joke!). Do you guys remember the power going out this summer on a Sunday morning for a few hours? Bagels and lox in the darkish dining hall.
  • Positive- lots and lots of projects get accomplished. Without having all the campers there, we have days where cabins are empty and we can begin to do maintenance for next year. So, that’s what we did and will continue to do all winter. Can’t tell you some of the large projects just yet, but stay tuned because we will be announcing them soon.
  • Negative- NO CAMPERS….BOO. It’s boring being up there without campers running in and out of the office, playing basketball and the ball banging into my office. No waterskiing on the lake, no color war spirit, eating meals in the peace and quiet (did I say that was a negative??!!). Anyway, we missed all of you up at camp.

After camp, I have a tradition where I usually treat myself to a cruise. This year, Robin and I went on a 4-day cruise around the Bahamas with Royal Caribbean and it was a blast.  It gives us both a chance to spend some time together and decompress from a loooonng summer. Remember, there is no such things as weekends from April – September, so it can get tiring! Spent some time with both of our families for the Jewish Holidays as well and now it’s back to the winter office.

I returned here on Wednesday to tons of mail to go through, bills to pay, and some emails about campers who are enrolling!! We will begin our home visits shortly and before we know it, it’s time for the reunion. Actually, as I type this, Pam is finalizing the reunion postcards. We have extended the hours this year, so we have extra time to have fun at Jeepers!

Before the reunion, don’t forget about CANTEEN ON THE FLY! Jcal will post the info on the blog next week, but Canteen on the Fly in NYC, Westchester, and North NJ is on Saturday, 10/22 and on the Mainline, PA and Upper Dublin, PA on Sunday, 10/23. Long Island we are coming to you in mid-November. So excited to see everyone again, although my new diet isn’t excited for 3 ice cream parlors in one day. Robin and I already agreed to limiting ourselves to ONE lowfat ice cream each day and she is going to pack healthy snacks, UGH. An apple vs. Ben & Jerry’s..hmmmm.

This weekend, we will be celebrating the wedding of MIKE LINDQUIST and ALYSSA THIBODEAU so a very big Congratulations to the both of them and we look forward to a great camp weekend up in Massachusetts. What are you up to this fall weekend? Pumpking picking, hayrides, haunted houses? All things I love to do in October (but hardly have the time for these days).

Wishing everyone a Happy and Healthy New Year and look forward to seeing all of you at Canteen on the Fly and our Annual Reunion.