Where in the World is Eric Forti: Christchurch, New Zealand Day 4 & Clue!

Hey Everyone! After dinner last night, we walked around the city as the sun was setting. Sunset due to daylight savings time and the fact that its summer is not until 9:00 PM! Here is a little known fact- in many foreign countries (including Australia and New Zealand) you can actually cross diagonally through an intersection. Essentially, traffic is stopped in all directions and you can just go diagonal, rather than one side and then the other! Of course dessert was to be had, and so we found a crepe stand and all enjoyed some Belgian crepes.


This morning it’s a bit overcast and gray, but we still made it to the botanical gardens. As I mentioned yesterday, they are ranked one of the top 10 gardens in the world and they really were beautiful. There was a special rose garden area, an indoor cactus farm, and tons of trees. The trees here are quite different than in the States, so it was interesting to see the different types. Here are a few pictures:




Well it’s time for the staff recruiting fair to start, so I am off to find the best counselors ever! Afterwards, we will have a group dinner and then I fly out early tomorrow to my next destination, which is somewhere in the country of Australia! I hope to be meeting up with Jim Price and his brother Kevin, Tamara, and a few other counselors from the past so stay tuned for pics and videos from them. 

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