Where in the World is Eric Forti: Christchurch, New Zealand Day 3

Well I am here in Christchurch, New Zealand, also known as the Garden City. I woke up this morning in Auckland, went to the gym, and then boarded a 1 hour flight to the South Island fo New Zealand, where Christchurch is located. Christchurch is a much smaller town than Auckland, with a very small town type of feel. The people here are extremely friendly as well and we had a bit of time to explore this city before heading out to dinner.

We went punting on the Avon River. Now you may ask, “What is punting?” Well, I am glad you asked! I made a special video just for you…take a look!

Click here to view Eric Punting

We had a blast going down the river and they even let me try! I sort of beached us on the shoreline by accident, but I must say that the Punting Man said I did a very good job for a beginner! Punting by the way is similar to a gondola ride in Venice.

After the punting experience we went to a small arts building, where they had tons and tons of shops. Of course the highlight for me was the fudge shop and waffle stand. Here is a pic of myself and Caroline (our Camp Counselors USA representative) enjoying a chocolate covered, whipped cream waffle!


As eating is clearly the theme of this and all of my around the world journeys, I am off to dinner now! Stay tuned though, because tomorrow I will be taking pictures at the botanical gardens and they are ranked in the top 10 worldwide…