Where in the World is Eric Forti- Auckland: Day 2

Arrival in Auckland vlog!

Woke up this morning and went to the gym. After such a long flight the day before, it’s nice to move around a bit! I had about an hour before the fair so I took a quick visit to the pool and then got ready for our fair. I took a picture for all of you to see of what the Canadensis table looks like at our international staff recruiting fairs. Unfortunately I can’t travel with a lot, so it’s pretty bare looking, but it definitely does the trick.


At the Auckland fair, there were 12 camps and approximately 40 applicants. I hired 2 new counselors for us this summer and both are really excited about the new adventures. Chris Kemp (TK) from the Hondas program, who is coming back to camp in 2009, showed up to help me recruit the staff. Chris made a brief video for all of you to watch, enjoy!

Chris Kemp (TK) vlogs from the camp fair!

After the fair was over, Chris took me to his family’s house, which is just a few minutes walk from the beach at Mission Bay. His family was so nice, warm, and welcoming and I got to see his really large and intimidating motorcycle and the jumps that he built for biking. After we spent some time with his family, he drove me up Mt. Eden which overlooks Auckland and the surrounding towns. I had a true 360 view of the area and the islands surrounding Auckland, which are absolutely spectacular.

For dinner, we met up with Euan McKee (a counselor from the wall/ropes for 4 summers) and we had a great time in the Viaduct area, overlooking the marina where all of the superyachts are docked. We had a nice time catching up on camp and life in general in New Zealand. We sat around for hours and then it was bedtime for me.


Thanks so much to Chris “TK” for helping me out today and showing me all around Auckland.

Tomorrow is my next flight out…so you have a few more hours of guessing where I am headed next!