While we make you wait for the winners…

Since Jaycal is still busy tabulating the scores from Where in the World Round 3, I figured I would do a quick blog entry!

This past weekend Robin flew up and we spent some of the time doing some wedding planning. I can’t write too much on here about the process of planning a wedding since Robin actually reads this and I would get “in trouble” for explaining all of the challenges and differences of opinion, so let’s just say that yes Robin I am so happy about everything we picked out Saturday (sense the sarcasm?) In all seriousness though, it is quite an adventure planning such a big wedding and especially the challenge of it being non-traditional since it’s at camp, adds another element to it. Robin is doing such an amazing job, with the help of both of our moms, at planning all the small details and making sure everything is perfect. We had a great weekend and it was nice to be able to do planning things in person! And yes, we even compromised on the tuxedo that I will be wearing:)

In other news, Sunday was our Canadensis gives back to the community day (I just made up that title, like it?!) and we had approximately 10 families turn out to the JRA event. JRA is the Jewish Relief Agency and each month food is packed up at their warehouse and then delivered to Jewish families who could use a little extra help throughout the month. This month, it was a Passover distribution, which is their largest distribution of the year. As a result, it was MOBBED and so unfortunately there were lines waiting to pack the boxes. Once we got the boxes packed, we all loaded our cars with food boxes and drove over to an apartment building where we went door to door delivering them. Our campers did an excellent job running to the elevators and were really efficient with the deliveries! Thanks to everyone who came out and volunteered their time.

The Canadensis group at JRA!

The Canadensis group at JRA!

Rewinding a few days back, on Thursday Pam and I drove to L.I. to visit a few families. We arrived a little early (I am neurotic about not being late and one visit a few months ago took over 4 hours to get there and I was so embarrassed to be late!) so we went to King Kullen for a quick Passover aisle shopping excursion. While there, we ran into Renee Press, mother of Abigail and Hannah and she insisted we run over to their house, which was only a mile away and surprise the girls! Pam and I did just that and the girls were so excited to see me and meet Pam (or so I think!). They are both doing well in school and definitely excited for the upcoming summer. If you look closely in the pic, you may see that they are both wearing their Canadensis wristbands and this is proof that people do wear Canadensis all year round! We surprised them, so they had no advance notice to put them on special:)

Pam and myself with the Press girls!

Pam and myself with the Press girls!

After our quick visit with the Press Family, we went to a prospective family who is interested in coming to Canadensis this coming summer! Following our visit with them, we went to see the Gilady Family and we had a blast! When we walked in, they insisted on feeding us…there was fruit and bourekas so someone must have told Laura and Dvir that they are my absolute favorite and I haven’t had them in years! They were of course delicious and after eating Pam and I went to the basement with Jaymie and Avery and played some hoops! Jaymie is amazing at basketball and put up a good fight as she was in the lead until the last 30 seconds, but I pulled through and won by 2 baskets! Good job Jaymie and Avery. It was hard work playing 5 minutes of hoops, I am not sure how you all play basketball for an hour on the courts, haha.

blog 2

Me with Jaymie and Avery

Finally, our tour of LI ended with dinner in Hewlett, NY with none other than Grandma Levi. Pam’s grandma invited us to join her for dinner at the Pizza Place (yes that’s the name of the place!) and it was delicious. Sorry, no pics with grandma, but we definitely had fun. Oh and one more thing- after dinner we went to Hewlett Station Yogurt, which is a soft-serve yogurt place where they serve Hewlee’s. A Hewlee is frozen yogurt blended with a muffin. Sounds absolutely gross, I am with all of you on that, but I have to be honest and say it was delicious. After all that eating, we hit the road for a 2+ hour drive home. Luckily, no traffic.

So, back to the present…tomorrow we are all headed to Atlantic City for our annual tri-state camp conference. Thousands of camp professionals all get together down in Atlantic City for a few days of meetings & seminars, purchasing for the summer, and socializing. Of course during socializing time, it’s ALL ABOUT CAMP! So, we will all be talking camp for the next few days 24 hours a day.

In between my trip to Atlantic City, I am flying up to Boston to visit my brother and sister-in-law because there will be another Forti joining the world any hour now:) I am excited to say that I will be becoming an uncle within the next few days and of course I will post a pic or two on here if you all don’t mind!

So a new Forti will be born (gender unknown) and we will post the winners of fabulous prizes for Where in the World all in the next few days…Stay tuned!