Workin 24-7

Well this is it! I made it back from almost 6 weeks overseas…some headaches, but other than that no fever, no virus, no H1N1, etc. I am healthy!

This time of the year also means it’s time to get into camp mode…Matt Unger will be moving to camp in about 5 weeks and me shortly thereafter. I typically have moved to camp in mid-April, but it’s time for me to pass the torch to Unger. He will do an incredible job at getting things ready to welcome our first precamp group on Friday, April 30th. I will of course travel back and forth between Philly and camp throughout April and early May until I move up, but it’s now Unger’s turn to give it a go! It may sound awesome to be at camp in mid-April, and trust me it is great. Of course most of us would prefer to be at camp than at home. But, let me tell you from experience there is so much more than you can imagine that goes into preparing for summer. The most obvious is turning the water on, which is not an easy task. Throughout Matt’s first few weeks at camp, he will squeeze in time to be a guest blogger and update all of us on what is going on up at camp!

Back here in Philly, Jaycal and I are putting the finishing touches on the Where in the World is Eric Forti recap, some quick facts about the trip, and of course…announcement of the WINNERS! We had more participation this year than ever and it seems like many people enjoyed the twitter. I have a feeling there will be a Round 4 next winter, so don’t despair. I promise though to Robin, who has been so amazing at accepting my crazy schedule, that I won’t twitter/blog while we are on our honeymoon. (Well if you promise not tell on me, maybe I will a little bit!) Speaking of honeymoon, we haven’t figured out where that will be yet. I have traveled to all continents except Antarctica, so what do you think Robin of an Arctic honeymoon?

Getting back to the office has been CRAZY after being out so many weeks. Payroll to run, bills to pay, year-end tax returns to finalize and file with the lovely US government, on top of finalizing the staff for the summer, camper visits, new prospective families to visits, etc. Again, all the best parts of working for a camp year-round:)

Next week, the  office will be closed on Wed and Thurs as we all travel down to Atlantic City for the American Camp Association Tri-State Camp Conference. It’s always a blast, but I will admit I am ready to sleep in my own bed for more than a few nights in a row! We are staying at the Borgata though this year (comped rooms), so I guess I can’t really complain. Someone to make the bed, cook the meals for us, etc!

Well that’s all for tonight. A short blog because I am exhausted. Am I allowed to use jetlag as an excuse still? Have a wonderful evening and I will be back in a few days to announce the winners of Where in the World:)